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MY LIFE in 1 Picture

My Life in picture.  Intro: Got back home today and Sylvie asked me if I wanted some snacks or something, I said anything really. 
Then she brought me a sandwich with my favorites in it ( Mayonnaise and corned beef) on a very lightly grilled brown bread : PERFECT 👌🏽.  This was served on a plastic blue paw patrol plate. First time this ever happens. She saw from my eyes that I was shocked and she said what’s going on? I started smiling and laughing and said no, nothing, it’s all good.  Then she realized about the plate and said, Oh sorry, sorry, i’m going to change it and I said, no no it really is good, thank you very much, can I please have one more?  Of course she said rushing back to the kitchen, typical Sylvie, she made another one and served it in the exact same plate. 
Now let’s get real: I love life and beautiful things, like I usually say : Big Things, and yet this happens.  I am probably the Luckiest person or I like to think that I have all the blessings in the world because instant…
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Why do we need more bedrooms when children end all their nights in our bed?
Is it a conspiracy 1) To make sure there’s no more siblings?
2)A bond with their mom and they are trying to kick me out?
3)A warning that they will never leave the house? 
I honestly don’t know, three options every morning:
- wake up with the bed full of children that magically appeared at night and sometimes their mum is sleeping upside down- Wake up and i’m with Kenny or just Kylie using all of the space, mummy in children bedroom with the rest - Wake up by myself and miserable ...
I think i’ve never enjoyed so much having a phone and internet connection... preparing for my old days already ....
Mystery to be solved because I don’t recall sleeping in my parents bed ( 40 years ago) 
... Investigation to be continued. . .
If you have answers or theories or solutions or even going through the same please let me know 
ps: it’s not just me and my wife in the bed right now, there is a little alien with us who needs to put h…


Sunday... I came to spend the long week end with my wife and children in Manchester.. I’m old school Catholic, one of those people that believes in God over himself - that will never change, even if it sounds stupid, I just Believe in God !   So I got married to my buddy, and in my prayers I’ve always wanted a person that will have the same belief as me right? This sexy pretty face comes along and tell me she was praying to find a man who believes in God. how cool is that 😎.  Let’s get to the story  It’s sunday morning, it’s snowing in Manchester, I’m in bed chatting with my multiple friends, posting in facebook, instagram etc, she’s preparing breakfast, being the judge between our always fighting children, trying to keep the house clean and bringing me my breakfast to bed.  So Sunday is being perfect so far and then she’s like we have to get ready for church!!!! 😲  😲  I first said Ok.. Then I asked if I can call sick, If I can skip today’s mass etc.  She said you’re traveling to cork again fo…


Can you see this picture?

If you can’t see it then here is a link to it ( it’s not mine, but thanks to google I found a picture that represents how I picture happiness.

Here is my Take on happiness at work and a in general.When you get hired somewhere you can’t expect the company to make you happy. Companies need people, people need money/jobs to work towards their happiness.

Companies need the best people they can get with the budget they have to survive.

Happiness is not a business target as far as I know #Fact. We are responsible for our own happiness. We choose to work in a specific place because we are comfortable doing that job, because we have the skills to get the work done efficiently, because we have agreed with the financial reward , because the location suits us etc. We have to grow outside this conception of expecting happiness to come from anything or anyone outside ourselves. (if that makes sense).

Happiness is The Ultimate feeling, its quest …

Formula1 2016 qualification format

Bla bla bla

So much said about a matter where there's nothing to talk about. Quick reminder.  Some stakeholders though the qualification format in use during season 2015 F1 wasn't exciting enough for the show and for the fans.  Between Barcelona pre-season testing and the first race in Melbourne the qualification format got changed to this new system where the last car is out after a specified time; anyway to make it simple check the new rules there way more than what you need on Internet about it. Just think about it as musical chairs with pole position being the last chair left at the end of the schmilblik. 
My Opinion
Going back and forth, discussing, criticizing won't help or improve anything.  Everyone now is talking in behalf of fans.  Even fans are talking on their behalf.  There is so much non sense all over the place. My article is not a non sense.  Here's why:
Who cared about qualification style right before Ted-Bull Racing era and even during that era? Every one has a …

Inspired vs bitter

This is a picture of a comment I posted on @usher video. Happy Birthday sung by Mrs and Mr Obama themselves. Greatness at his peak. That's how I see it.  The video is on YouTube
I replied to a very disrespectful comment and I'm glad Usher ( or his team) deleted that bitter comment.  Why would people instead of cheering for each other, being inspired by each other, enjoy each other, are throwing comments and judgements based on zero facts, just bitterness? Any way I'm here to share and discuss. Im not on the White House payroll or on Usher's team.  I just believe that when people do well we have to acknowledge and maybe try to replicate. These 3 have worked hard to get where they are today, illustrating that #ImpossibleIsNothing.  Let's keep moving barriers.  #DontLookAway Ps: my YouTube user name is TheEklektik ( just so you know)


We will  live and enjoy in this beautiful world together.

Let's open our hearts, our minds and our eyes and enjoy how beautiful the World is.

We are the keys, us, human being, our feelings, our health,our being, people around us, family, relatives, friends, colleagues, all of us.

This blog is about expressing myself on how I see the world.
I believe in the power communication, for the good, for fun, randomly, just basically share when we want to.

My writing style is very disruptive. I wouldn't know how to classify it.
 I am interested with sharing , listening, exchanging and helping. I love to help.

I just write about everything and anything,

I want as many readers as possible, but also I want questions and debates, exchange of ideas. I want everybody who read this blog to freely express herself or himself.

Let's have fun,


Florent-Emmanuel Okalla